Anbar Journal of Agricultural Sciences is Indexed in Scopus

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Anbar Journal of Agricultural Sciences is Indexed in Scopus

The University of Anbar has achieved a new scientific success in addition to its successive great scientific achievements. This is represented by indexing of Anbar Journal of Agricultural Sciences in Scopus. This has been confirmed by the email received from the content selection and advisory board (CSAB) as well as the tracking evaluation. It is the second university journal to be Scopus indexed after Al-Anbar Medical Journal.  

This is considered a scientific success at the level of colleges of agriculture in Iraq in general, as the Journal publishes in Arabic and English, to be the first bilingual indexed journal at the level of agricultural sciences. It is also considered a scientifically distinct qualitative leap that came as a result of the efforts made, careful follow-up, and proper planning by the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Mushtak Talib Al-Neda and according to the University’s updated strategic plan and its careful follow-up.

The President of the University expressed his great congratulations to all the University’s employees on this great achievement, expressing his deep thanks for the great efforts made by the Vice-President for Scientific Affairs, Dean of the College of Agriculture, and the Chair and members of the Editorial Board of Anbar Journal of Agricultural Sciences. He also extends his praise and pride to the Dept. of Scientific Affairs at the University Presidency and the Division of Scientific Research as well as the Journals Unit for their great care and careful follow-up, promising more scientific achievements in the coming days.


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