Community Service Unit

It is defined as an improvement to the surrounding environmental conditions in general. This is done by conducting studies, questionnaires, presenting awareness lectures, and training programs about the services provided by the institution to improve the efficiency of society and the members of the community institution alike. In addition, community service is one of the primary outcomes of the academic institutions, which by achieving it, the institutions would have completed their professional duty at the institutional and academic levels. Therefore, the University of Anbar considers that it is a necessity to create such a unit with a vision of “Leadership in the Development of the Society of Anbar Province” to expand the partnership with its institutions and to associate with the president of the university.

This Unit works on highlighting the university's role in developing the capability of the society and its institutions in facing obstacles and solving problems through the dissemination of culture, knowledge, scientific and technical awareness, and providing scientific and professional consultancy to activate the constructive community partnership. One of the CSU goals is to link between the academic studies and the applied projects which serve the community by adopting a mechanism that highlights the role of the various university programs in solving the issues and obstacles that face the community institutions. The nature of this Unit's work motivates the university's associates to collaborate with community institutions and spread the culture of volunteerism and learn about practical and scientific development in the fields of community service. Therefore, it is essential for the Unit to adopt a qualitative strategy of communication and coordination with research and service centres and colleges from one direction, and the division of the research marketing unit of the scientific research division from the other, to achieve a constructive functional integration.

CSU Duties

1- To communicate with the community institutions to identify society's most critical issues and problems.

2- Providing scientific and professional consultations for different groups and local community bodies.

3- Contribution to disseminating education, knowledge, scientific and technical awareness for various local community sectors.

4-achieving active partnership patterns between different community sectors regarding research collaboration on the one hand; and trying to provide job opportunities for university graduates on the other.

5- Coordination with the University formations to determine their potential to deliver and promote the various services needed by the community.

6- Connection with universities, academic institutions, and scientific centers  interested in serving the community locally, regionally, and globally.

7- Holding meetings, seminars, scientific lectures, which contribute to society, participating with representatives and bodies, and supporting distinguished initiatives concerning community programs and activities.

8- development of indicators to measure the satisfaction of community-based institutions with the services provided by the university and the holding of periodic meetings with representatives of those institutions.

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