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 Vice-President for Administrative Affairs


Prof. Dr. Atheer Anwer Sharif

Anbar province, Ramadi, Iraq

Mobile No.: +964 (0)790 239 8699 E-mail Address:



PhD. The role of governance in public budgeting process in Iraq – A case study 2008

College of Administration and Economics, University of Baghdad

MSc. Strategic planning and organizational structure – Relationship and effects – Imperical study in the Iraqi ministry of industry 2002

College of Administration and Economics, University of Baghdad

BSc. Management Sciences 1999 

College of Administration and Economics, University of Baghdad


PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT AND EXPERIENCE University of Science and Technology – Sana’a– College Managerial and Financial Sciences

Department of Business Administration

Visiting Lecturer for the PhD. Programme



 University of Anbar – College of Administration and Economics


Quality assurance and Accreditation Unit Manager

2013 – 2014

Head of Management Science Department

2010 – 2013

Member of Consultant Office Management Board and Manager of Training and Development Programs

2009 – 2010

Full-time Lecturer

2008 -Present

Part-time Lecturer

2006 - 2008



- Founder of, Consultant and Lecturer at a number of NGO’s.

- Designing and managing numerous training courses in the Ares of human resources management/development, strategic planning and management, negotiation and leadership skills, etc.

-Evaluation and discussion of numerousjournal articles, masters dissertation and doctoral thesis.

- Supervising a number of masters dissertation and doctoral thesis.



-Member of Iraqi Economists Association.

-Member of Iraqi Scientific Business Administration Society– Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

- Member of Iraqi University Lecturers Union.


-Member of International Union of Arab Academies –Trustees council - Netherland 


- ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System: Auditor / Lead Auditor Course AQTS 2012.

- Internal Quality Auditor BM Trada Center - Dubai 2011.

-Business Administration Short Course University Malaysia Perlis 2011.

-Training course in evaluating government performance in accordance with quality assurance criteria Arab Managerial Development Organization, Egypt 2010.


- NGO’s Management.

- Financial Management in Islamic Banks.

- Organizational Behavior.


Language Skills:

Arabic Mother Tongue

English Good

Software Skills:

MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) Very Good

IBM SPSS Very Good


- Evaluating the reality of Iraqi investment environment: Analysis of indicators and obstacles 2016 Journal of Social Studies – University of Science and Technology – Yemen.

- The role organizational power in determining human resources management strategies – Imperial study at Kirkuk province council 2016 Anbar University Journal for Economics and Administration Sciences.

- The role of organizational culture in improving financial transparency practices and its effect on organizational effectiveness –Analytical study of the answers of a sample of managers at the general company for trading cars 2016 Anbar University Journal for Economics and Administration Sciences.

- The role of information technology in functional performance: Analytical study of the answers of a sample of managers at Iraqi private banks and its relationship with their personal characteristics 2015 Journal of Economic and Administrative Science, University of Baghdad.

- The obstacles of performance evaluation process and tools for improving and development: Analytical study of the opinion of a sample of employees at performance evaluation unity in the Iraqi Ministry of Health 2012 Journal Alma’aref University College.

- Al Farabi’s managerial thought: Rooting and historical study 2012 The Arab Journal of Management.

- The role of leadership styles in organizational politics: Imperial study at Al Anabr agricultural directorate 2011 Anbar University Journal for Economics and Administration Sciences.

- Temporary public administration from the viewpoint of good public governance: Rooting and theoretical study 2008 Anbar University Journal for Economics and Administration Sciences.

-The role of strategic planning in organizational structure 2003 Karbala University Journal for Economics and Administration Sciences.

Vice-President for Administrative Affairs Office

This Office is associated with the University President. It mainly gives legal, administrative and financial consultation to the President, and obtains its liability from the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Affairs as well as from the University President himself.

Administrative & Legal Liabilities:

1-  Supervising the performance of all University Departments.

2-  Shifting & swapping administrative cadre at the University.

3-  Structuring the committees including investigation committees.

4-   Granting 1 month paid leave, and 3 months unpaid leave.

5-   Conducting field visits.

6-   Heading employment committees.

7-  Contacting Government Offices.

8-   Following up Dormitories and providing the necessary requirements.

Financial Liabilities:

1-  Setting University  budget draft. 

2-  Approving surveys and the required extension periods.

3-  Passing  stationary purchase orders.

4-  Approving salary payment plus accumulated leave payment.

5-  Granting staff encouragement bonuses.

6-  Paying the allowances.

7-  Performing financial transactions.

8-   Paying loans. 



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