A scientific and academic cooperation with the Geneva Center for Security Policy in Switzerland

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A scientific and academic cooperation with the Geneva Center for Security Policy in Switzerland

In implementation of the university’s strategic plan to support research centers and open them up globally, University of Anbar, represented by the Center for Strategic Studies, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Geneva Center for Security Policy to enhance the capabilities of both centers in providing effective and innovative executive education, research and analysis, and founding a strong joint network of researchers interested in related topics.


The president of the University of Anbar, prof. Dr. Mushtak Talib Salih Al-Neda, headed the university delegation and, for his part, signed the memorandum with the center’s management, represented by Ms. Christina Orisich. The university president expressed his deeper happiness with this cooperation that achieves the university’s vision and plan to promote international scientific cooperation in general and between the two centers in particular. 

On the other hand, Ms. Christina emphasized on the keenness of the Geneva Center for Security Policy to cooperate fruitfully with the Center of Desert Studies, the Upper Euphrates Basin Developing Center and the Renewable Energy Research Center in order to contribute in solving relevant global problems. 

The head of the Department of Scholarships and Cultural Relations, Assist. Prof. Dr. Duraid Muayed Abd, presented an overview about the University of Anbar that included the undergraduate and postgraduate study programs, and research lines at the university.

The University president also gave a presentation on the university’s international relations record and its current standing in both regional and worldwide rankings. 

The meeting was attended by Dr. Tariq Hamid Mahmoud, Head of the Security and Community Studies Department from the Center for Strategic Studies. At the conclusion of the meeting, shields and souvenirs were exchanged between the two parties. 

In a related context, the Geneva Center for Security Policy, in collaboration with the Center for Strategic Studies at our university, held a banal discussion on cross-border crises which was attended by a large number of diplomatic missions and international organizations working in Geneva, including the permanent mission of Iraq to the United Nations and its embassy in Switzerland, and a large number of researchers and personnel of our university who attended it electronically. 


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