A Part of the Visit of Japanese Ambassador to University of Anbar

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A Part of the Visit of Japanese Ambassador to University of Anbar

Prof. Dr. Mushtak Talib Salih Al-Neda, President of the University, received the Japanese Ambassador, Mr. Kotaro Suzuki in Iraq, which is the first official visit to Anbar Governorate.

  During the meeting with president of the university, the Japanese ambassador said that we realize that Anbar Governorate is going through a phase of reconstruction after the destruction that inflicted on it, including the university that was subjected to the control of ISIS. So restoring security and safety was one of the Governorate’s priorities, stressing that Japan will have a role in important projects in the governorate and the university in particular.

In turn, president of the university  thanked the Japanese ambassador for visiting the governorate and University of Anbar, noting that the university welcomes and seeks to conclude scientific and research agreements with Japanese universities, as well as seeking to contract with universities in other countries, hoping that Japan will have an important imprint in the university.


Then the Director of the Department of Cultural Relations in the University presented a summary of University of Anbar, and the Director of the Construction and Projects Department presented a summary of the stages of reconstruction at the university.

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