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CSS Research Team Makes Presentation of Study Results


CSS Research Team Makes Presentation of Study Results

A research team from UOA Center of Strategic Studies made a presentation of the results of a prospective study of the political map of Anbar Governorate after the governorate council elections 2018. Results were extensively discussed by the team in order to come up with specific recommendations that would be later submitted to the relevant state authorites due to its wide geographical and demographic coverage of the study sample. It is noteworthy to mention that the Center of strategic Studies conducted previously another study of the Iraqi Parlimentary elections 2018. This study was conducted shortly before the said elections and came up with accurate predictions. The Center also planned and conducted other studies on strategic issues and crisis management such as the forced displacement crisis, Squatter communities in the cities of Anbar governorate, and a future research plan on the strategic perspective of Iraq, Anbar governorate, and the university of Anbar. The Center of Strategic Studies seizes this occasion to  welcome all researchers and specialists in the national and international political and strategic scenes to cooperate and work jointly with the Center on projects within the specialization of the Center.


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