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UNDP Delegation Visits University of Anbar


UNDP Delegation Visits University of Anbar

Wedensday 18/4/2018, a UNDP delegate visited University of Anbar and was received by Prof. Dr. Aaref Saleh Mukhlef, the Administrative Vice-President of UOA. A business meeting was held with the UNDP representative in Iraq Mr. Patrick to review the most important on-going UNDP-sponsered projects on campus. Upon concluding the meeting the delegate was accompanied by the Administrative Vice-President and the directors of the departments of Reconstruction & projects and Students Hostels on an inspection tour of the finished projects  of the Central Library, Students Hostels Compounds, Department of Civil Engineering at College of Engineering, and the University Power Station. The delegate also inspected the projects under construction and their execution levels. These inspected projects are part of the 24 projects financed and sponsered by the UNDP. 


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