Dr.Khalid Batal Inspects 2nd Attempt Examinations

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Dr.Khalid Batal Inspects 2nd Attempt Examinations

 President of Anbar University Inspects 2nd Attempt Examinations in the Colleges of the University

In the wake of the university final return to its original site in Ramadi, Professor Khalid Battal Al-Najem, president of Anbar University, inspected the progress of 2nd attempt examinations at colleges of university. He toured the examination halls and was briefed on the services presented to students. He checked out samples of test questions and some examination committees, urging student to work hard to succeed in their examinations.

Addressing the students, Professor Al-Najem said that their taking the examination is the way to bright future and advancement of the governorate and university alike; emphasizing that the university lays plans to achieve its goals and fulfill its scientific and educational plans. He also urged the students to abide by the instructions of uniform custom and all the rules and regulations set by the ministry; stressing, at the same time, the smooth progress of the examination in the light of the university success to secure all services and logistic support necessary for the success of the examination.

In this connection, the scientific vice-president of Anbar University Prof. Mustaq Talib Al-Neda also inspected the progress of examination in the colleges of the medical group. He instructed the deanships and departments of these colleges to do their best to secure the success of the examinations.

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