Guide of Researchers with the Highest m-index SciVal (Scopus) 2023

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Guide of Researchers with the Highest m-index SciVal (Scopus) 2023

In light of the University’s continuous efforts to achieve its goals of scoring advanced levels in international rankings by supporting and urging researchers to publish qualitative research in journals indexed in reputable international databases, Prof. Dr. Mushtak Talib Al-Neda, President of the University of Anbar, has directed to foreground the activities of distinguished researchers with their qualitative research performance for the period (2018-2023). This foregrounding process is implemented by preparing a guide listing the University researchers who have obtained a score of (1) or more in the (m-index) based on SciVal data derived from the Scopus database. This guide lists (188) researchers with the highest m-index according to SciVal (Scopus) for the year 2023. The first three researchers in the guide obtained distinguished scores of (7.4), (3.7), and (3.0), respectively.


The increase in the number of qualitative researches published by University scholars had a significant positive impact on the University’s metrics in global databases. Hence, the University score in (h-index) has become (78), and in (h5-index) has become (56), which are Scopus databases, for the year 2023, whereas in the year 2022, they were (h-index = 65) and (h5-index = 43), respectively. Likewise, in Clarivate, the University score in (H-index) has become (66) in the year 2023, after it was (H-index = 60) in the last year. Thus, the University has moved forward remarkably in one of the important axes of its annually updated strategic plan, namely, the domain of solid scientific research and quantitative and qualitative research output, which is a pivotal nucleus for most advanced international rankings.

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