Another Achievement - The University Ranked 2nd in The UI GreenMetric.

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Another Achievement - The University Ranked 2nd in The UI GreenMetric.

The UI GreenMetric World University Rankings released the results of evaluating international universities for the year 2023 in six axes, namely (infrastructure, energy and climate change, waste treatment, water resources management, transportation, education and scientific research). The University of Anbar ranked second among Iraqi universities and ranked (141) among international universities. It is worth noting that the number of international universities evaluated in this international ranking is (1183) international universities, including (74) Iraqi universities and colleges.

The University president, Professor Dr. Mushtaq Talib Saleh Al-Neda, congratulated all the University’s members for obtaining this advanced position. His Excellency affirmed that this result reflected the outcome of the University’s plans to achieve sustainable development goals, the most important of which is the project (The University of Anbar is A Green Oasis), the project that wouldn’t be done without the efforts of all academic and technical members of the University.

His Excellency also urged all academics and researchers to intensify their work to produce genuine and rigorous scientific research in the field of sustainable development to preserve energy sources for future generations. His Excellency praised the distinguished effort made by the members of the International Rankings Unit in documenting the University’s achievements in the international forums and rankings.

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