The University launches its digital repository on DSpace
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The University launches its digital repository on DSpace

Under the supervision of the President of the University Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Talib Saleh Al-Neda, the University of Anbar has launched its digital repository, which includes nearly ten thousand scientific research, theses and dissertations on the DSpacse repository, which represents a summary of the products of its students, researchers, and teachers of scientific and intellectual production and for various scientific disciplines.


The university has completed the preparation of the infrastructure for the digital repository, including servers, intranet and software. This internal network included linking all faculties, centers, and university presidency formations within an integrated digital environment that was accomplished by the staff of the Computer Center Department. It is worth noting that the digital repository will provide an important database of scientific and research sources based on advanced search methods through the title, subject, authors, publication date, or other advanced search methods. It will also provide accurate statistics for the University's research output and will contribute to increasing the scientific reputation and increasing the rate of citations for its researchers by reviewing summaries and titles of research, theses and dissertations with the possibility of downloading files for open-access research. It will also enhance the plans of the University's presidency and the chances of its attendance by entering other international classifications, which would push the wheel of progress forward and advance its sober educational reality..



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