Announcement of Grand Quranic Contest

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Announcement of Grand Quranic Contest

The higher committee of Qur’anic competition at university of Anbar/ cultural and social center/ unit for Teaching and Memorizing Holly Qur’an is holding “Grand Quranic Competition”, under the sponsorship of Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Taleb Al-Nada, president of university of Anbar for the year 1443-1444 A.H., 2021-2022 A.D. for all the public in Al-Anbar Governorate, and for both genders. The competition will take place in Al-Rahman Al-Rahim Mosque, in opposite of Al-Ramadi Public Hospital. Those wishing to participate have to register through the link below:

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Competition Sections:

The first section (Memorizing Holly Qur’an) as follows:

Section one: Memorizing entire Holly Qur’an.

Section two: Memorizing twenty parts.

Section three: Memorizing fifteen parts.

Section four: Memorizing ten parts.

Section five: Memorizing five parts.


The second section: (Recital and its provisions, performance and perfection).

This section is independent from the first section, which includes the ability of intonation and its provisions of recitation or reading on one of the famous narrations.


Participation instructions:

Registration starts online from the first day of Ramadan until the fifteenth.

The time for testing female participants is after Aser prayer, and the males after the Tarawih prayer, in the last ten days of Ramadan.

There will be valuable gifts for the winners that will be disseminated in a central celebration on the night of twenty-seventh of Ramadan.

Further inquiries, please call 07714479759 – 07811438360


The Committee Quranic Competition 2021-2022 AD.


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