The Biggest Qur'anic Competition (Eleventh)

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The Biggest Qur'anic Competition (Eleventh)



The Launch Registration form for the Grand Quranic Competition (The Eleventh).

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The conditions for the competition are as shown in the image below:


Under the auspices of Dr. Mushtaq Taleb Al-Nada, the esteemed President of Anbar University


The Supreme Committee of the Qur’anic competition at the University of Anbar, the Cultural and Social Center, holds the Qur’an Teaching and Memorization Unit

The eleventh Quranic Competition

For the academic year 1443-1444 AH 2021-2022 AD for the professors, employees and students of Anbar University... Those who wish to participate must fill out the competition form at the contestant’s college and hand it over to the persons responsible for it in the same college

Competition sections

First Part          Memorizing the entire Qur'an

Second Part     Memorizing twenty parts

Third Part        Memorizing Fifteen parts

Fourth Part      Memorizing Five parts


Fifth Part      Memorizing Five parts


Section Two: Tajweed its provisions in performance and proficiency

Note that this section is not related to the first section. It includes mastering the intonation and its controls, while observing the provisions of recitation on a maqam or reading on one of the famous riwayhat.

Competition Participation Instructions:

1. Online registration begins on Thursday 13/1/2022 until Thursday 24/2/2022

2. The first test starts in presence on Sunday 6/3/2020 until Wednesday 16/3/2020

3. The last test starts in presence on Sunday 20/3/2020 until Thursday 24/3/2020

4. A central ceremony will be held at the university to award the top performers. (If God wills).

5. All university employees who wish to participate in the Quranic competition are registered in the University Reading Center in the Central Library


Noticeable / A major Quranic competition will be held at the governorate level under the auspices of Anbar University and will be announced later. It will be held in the Al-Rahman Al-Rahim Mosque of the University of Anbar //in Ramadi, opposite to the Ramadi General Hospital. Those who wish to register, who are not university students and affiliates, should contact the numbers below:

07811438360 - 07714479759

       Supreme Committee of the Quranic Competition 2021-2022 AM



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