Evaluation of the field performance of the pivot irrigation system valley
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Evaluation of the field performance of the pivot irrigation system valley

Increase water scarcity in Iraq is one of the main reasons to use modern techniques in irrigation. This indeed has began in the mid-seventies, when Iraq has imported a limited number of drip irrigation systems to irrigate desert oases trees, followed by importing fixed sprinkler irrigation systems to use in agricultural research stations. Since then, efforts have been focused on adopting modern technologies in agriculture to increase the cultivated area and increase productivity using much less water when compared to traditional irrigation methods. The University of Anbar, represented by the College of Agriculture, has distinguished efforts in providing the agricultural sector with research and experiments that contribute to the development of this sector.The latest of which is the field experience at the College of Agriculture of the doctoral project of the student (Mustafa Jaber Ali), in which he aims to evaluate the field performance of the irrigation system with pivotal sprinkler valley and accounts for evaporation losses and other physical properties of the soil when it comes to wheat production. His work is continuing to complete the rest of the other required qualities. The research project focused on evaluating the axial sprinkler irrigation system, the calculations of the consistency coefficient, the achieved water depth and the overlap between the irrigation circuits, in addition to the calculations of the evaporation losses according to the changes in the operating pressure and the device speed ratios.


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