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 Human Resources Department

Human Resources Department

The department provides services for University of Anbar employees related to their promotions, working years addition, functional laws amendment, certification updates. The department is also concerned with employees’ retirement and announcing job vacancies and staff appointments.

The department also aims to overcome the difficulties encountered by university staff and respond to their requests as soon as possible, despite the fact that the department is linked to the Ministry of higher Education and Scientific Research and the Ministry of Finance as well in terms of the staff formation and the processes of removal and update.

The department consists of four units:

Retirement Division:  It is interested in processing university staff retirement and it coordinates between the affiliations of the staff and the National General Retirement Authority.

Public Jobs Division: It is interested in the process of appointing new staff. It is also concerned with deleted or new functional laws. It also controls the process of moving from our university to other ministries or vice versa.

Staff and Employment Division: This division is interested in the affairs of the university staff. It also regulates the process of annual validation by the Ministry of Finance.

Database Division: It is responsible for collecting and storing all data related to the employees such as their names and scientific titles, job titles, dates of birth among many others.


The department is managed by highly qualified employees

1- Dr. Ziad, Director of the department

2. Mr. Omar Hamad Jassem, director of the division of the Recruitment and employment

3. Mr. Ahmed Mashan Obeid, director of the division of the Database

4. Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Amin, director of the division of Retirement

5. Mr. Ahmad Mundhir Nayef, the director of the division of general Jobs 

6. Mr. Abdullah Shining Daoud, Employee

7. Mr. Mostafa Youssef Al Bakri, Employee

8. Mr. Ahmad Abdul Muttalib, Employee


The responsibilities and powers of the director of the department

The Director of the department exercises the following powers and responsibilities to ensure the flow of work in the department:


1.    The distribution of tasks among the staff of the department 

2.    Granting routine leaves permissions that do not exceed 10 days and the approval of the sick leave.

3.    Recommending the applications for more than 10 days routine and sick leaves and study leave

4.  Supervising the performance of the work in the follow-up of the activities of the employees

5. Recommending disciplinary proceedings against the negligent employees.

6. Recommending commendation and appreciation of distinguished and creative employees.

7. Recommending granting department employees promotion and upgrading bonus

8. Recommending appointment, placement of staff, and dispensation of department affiliates according to the rules in power

9. Proposing that the employees in the department be assigned overtime work according to the laws and regulations of the organization.

10. Representing the department in relevant conferences and symposia

11. The distribution of tasks and responsibilities among the staff members of the department to help   develop and improve the performance of the work as specified.

12. Recommending the delegation of staff members inside the country for a period not exceeding one week.

13. Recommending the granting of various allocations to all staff members of the department

14. Evaluation of the performance of the staff of the department and submitting it to the relevant authorities.

15. The proposal of a temporary appointment of employees in the department to gap staff shortage to ensure work flow.

16. Recommending the fixation of the staff members of the department after completion of approbation period

17. Recommending the assignment of a staff member to be an acting head of department when in routine and sick leave or when delegated.

18. Any other responsibilities and powers authorized or granted by immediate superiors



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