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 Logo & Anthem

Anthem of the University

 By the Lord of the House , King of the Great Throne

A Pledge we Make to the Land of Earthly Paradise

By God Who Raised the Skies a Generation by Generation Forever we be a Heart Throbbing with the Love of Iraq

On each Inch over here, over here a Glory we Erect

Anbar University is an Everlasting Monument, a Sun Dispels the Darkness of the Skies                              

   Euphrates Water Wheels Spin Forever…Irrigating Mountains Summits over the Distance

Pens Hug Stars Luster                                                           

You the Oasis of Anbar in the Desert…You the Full Moon in Darkest Night

Tattooed the Suits of Beauty into its Gowns    …And Invite Lovers’ Eyes to Bear Witness

A Rihanna with Breaths of Breeze Odor

Knowledge Seekers Grow Brighter…and Drink Ethics in the Coffee Cups of Guidance

Praised be the Virtues of the Generous People Mead Halls…Whose Gift to the University of Science is its Top Students

O Iraq of Plentitude be Rejoiced at the Generous Generation


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