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 Transport and Vehicles Section



The section was established on 2, January, 2005. it undertakes following up, checking and maintaining  university vehicles and students and employees transport from and to the university as well as fuel supply. Formerly the section had vehicles unit only then 3 other units have been inaugurated:

1- Administrative unit: it undertakes issuing university orders on vehicles receipt and delivery to employees. It also documents employees official letters and files with university and governmental institutions.

2- Fuel unit: It receives fuel from state company for oil products distribution to provide university generators and vehicles.

3-  Maintenance unit: It conducts maintenance, mechanical and electrical works on university vehicles.




Section Objectives

1-The section aims to expand transport for student and employees to the remote point in Al-Anbar province. Such as Rutba, Qaim, Ana, Rawa, Ubydi as well as Baghdad.

2-To increase students and staff vehicles, loading tracks, fuel, irrigation, tractors and constrictive vehicles.

3-To increase the section technical and administrative staff to cope with duties.

4-To develop the section building and establish garages, parks, spare parts warehouses and fuel storages.

5-The section works on developing the repair workshop which tends to vehicle sustainable work though (tin smithery, dying, ribbing, smithery and turnery).


    Section Activities

1- Transport and vehicles section is responsible of taking the students and employees from their districts and far areas of Al-Anbar province to the university. 16 bus each (carrying 45 passengers) are working to carry them from remote areas as well as carrying hostels students to their collages that located outside the university headquarters; collages medicine, agriculture, dentistry and education. 29 bus (each carrying 24 passengers) works on remote areas as well as the province center, also (11 to 14) bus (each carrying 12 passengers works on districts and inter transportation within the university headquarters.

2- Transport and vehicles is working to carry the books, furniture and electronic equipment from outside the province to the university, 7 trucks with (2-4) ton are allocated to carry the furniture of the collages in case these collages to anew site, as well as to support the work of purchasing committee (which formed by the university) and carry these materials from the local market to the university.

3- Transport and vehicles is responsible of transport the scientific entertainment picnics, and transport deputized persons between the university and the Ministry of High Education and Scientific Research headquarters and other state institutions in Baghdad province, also scientific deputation to desert studying center to the far desert areas to study the erosion factors and other scientific researches.


C.V of the Section Manager









Name: Gafel Abdul Aziz Mohammed

Date of birth: 1966 Ramadi

Position: Head of transport and vehicles section

Graduated from Palestine secondary school on 1986, got the Bachelor in mechanical engineering on 1991, and got Master degree in mechanical engineering / University of Technology on 2004. Working in Al-Anbar university – collage of engineering – head of transport and vehicles section since 2008.


Section Units:

1-    Administration unit

·        Planning university’s orders concerning receiving and headquarters vehicles.

·        Sending information status needed from the Ministry.

·        Saving received and issued documents.

·        Saving box file for the vehicles and employees working in the section.

2-    Fuel unit

1- This unit undertakes monthly receiving the fuel supplied from the state company of oil products distribution.

2- Preparing a plan endorsed by the administrative assistant and distributed on 17 collages as well as the university sections concerning generators and vehicles operation that work on gasoline.

3-  Anew fuel station is established to distribute fuel to all university cars.

4- The unit works to buy oil from local markets and distribute to collages and sections generators.

3-    Maintenance unit

1-The unit although has a few technical staff, yet it perform a maintenance on a large number of Al-Anbar university vehicles, about more than 50 vehicles monthly including engine maintenance.

2-The unit send a monthly status to the administrative assistant includes list of maintained vehicles within the maintenance workshop.

3-The unit is responsible for the quality of the materials supplied from the local market according to the experience of the technicians and in case the materials are not matching the needed qualification, these materials will be sent to the supplier.

4-The unit works to evaluate the damaged cars through accidents and estimate the maintenance cost. In case the maintenance is not possible, the cars is considered out of order in cooperation with Al-Anbar traffic directorate and finally sending report to the Ministry to sell these cars in public sale.

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