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 University President


Curriculum vitae


Prof. Khalid Battal Najim,  PhD, CEng

Professor in Sustainable Concrete Structures

President of University of Anbar- Iraq



PhD, Nottingham University (UK)/Sustainable Concrete Structures

MSc, University of Technology (Iraq)/ Structural Materials

BSc (1st), University of Technology (Iraq)/ Civil Engineering              



Research interests:

Prof. Najim is generally interested in concrete engineering from both material and structural perspectives. His research interests are, but not limited to, developing innovative design strategies that utilizing concrete thermal mass in improving the eco-environmental performance of concrete structures. He focuses on studying the thermo-dynamic beside the structural performance of newly sustainable concrete to be included in design philosophy and the considerations, in particular of, structural elements (walls and slabs).



Prof. Najim is also interested in the application of advanced and recycled/by-product materials in civil engineering particularly to produce environmentally friendly concrete not only to be used as structural concrete but also to improve the in-door environment of concrete buildings by investing of the natural ambient in passive cooling/heating. He also interested in experimentally studying the mechanical and dynamic properties including impact resistance of High performance /self-compacting fibrous concrete. Additionally, he focuses on the applications of advanced composite materials (FRP) such as strengthening, retrofitting for the aforementioned concretes. Prof. Najim is currently working on research related to sustainability issues in construction. He is trying to figure out the feasibility of using recycled materials, in terms of their effects on thermo-structural behavior and embedded energy, in both concrete and modern earth construction systems e.g. rammed earth (stabilized and unsterilized) load bearing walls.


 Awarded and Prizes

·        First graduated student prize- University of Technology - 2002

·        The best poster at the 1st  conference of Engineering sciences, Iraqi cultural attaché, 1-2 October 2011, UCL, London

·        Travel prize – Nottingham University 2012

·        Prize for completing the PhD in less than 3 years- Ministery of Higher Education and Scientific research- Iraq 2012

·        Excellence in scientific research- Minister of Higher Education and Scientific research- Iraq 2013

·        Certificate of reviewing- ELSEVIER – Construction and Building Materials Journal 2013

·        Outstanding contribution in reviewing award – ELSEVIER – Construction and Building Materials Journal  2015

·        Certificate of reviewing- ELSEVIER – Energy and Buildings Journal 2013



Academic Experience

·        Teaching the following courses


ü  Construction Materials

ü  Concrete Technology

ü Buildings Construction

ü Engineering Mechanics

ü   Strength of Materials


ü   Research Methodology

ü   Advanced Concrete Durability

ü   Advanced Concrete Technology I

ü   Advanced Concrete Technology II

ü   Composite Materials

ü   Advanced Concrete Mechanics

·        Supervising Undergraduate and postgraduate students

·        External and internal examiner for postgraduate students 



·        Assistant lecturer – University of Technology- Iraq, 2002-2005

·        Lecturer – University of Anbar- Iraq, 2005-2009

·        Researchers (PhD researcher) at the University of Nottingham, 2009-2012

·        Head of Civil Engineering Department, University of Anbar, 2012-2014

·        Associate Dean for Scientific affairs and postgraduate studies- College of Engineering- University of anbar- 2014-2015

·        Vice president for scientific affairs- University of Anbar, 2015- 2017

·        President  of University of Anbar, 2017-




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Chapters and Books

1.      Hall M R, Nanjim K B, AND Keikhaei D P, 2012. Chapter 9: Soil stabilization: materials, properties, and techniques. In: HALL M R, LINDSAY R, AND KRAYENHOFF M, ed. Modern earth buildings: Materials, engineering, construction and applications. Woodhead Publishing, Cambridge.

2.      Khalid B. Najim and Matthew R. Hall ‘sustainable structural concrete, self-compacting and plain rubberised concrete:  enhancement and applications’ LAMBERT academic publishing, Germany 2014.


Journals reviewer

  • Construction and Building materials (Elsevier)
  • Energy and Buildings (Elsevier)
  • ACI Materials Journal
  • Proceedings of the ICE-Construction materials (institution of civil engineers/London)  
  • Iraqi Journal for Civil Engineering/ Anbar University-Iraq
  • Engineering and Technology Journal/ University of Technology –Iraq
  • Journal of University of Tikrit/ Iraq


 Powers of University President

The President of the University exercises the following powers:-

 1. Chairing the Council of the university, requesting the council to convene regularly and exceptionally, implementing its resolutions, and acting as a representative for the council in all circles.

2. Managing the scientific, administrative and financial affairs of the university in accordance with the provisions of the law and order and the decisions of the University Council.

3. The endowment of movable and immovable property in accordance with the laws, regulations and instructions in power.

4. Profit distribution of the advisory bureaus and clinics and allocation of 20% of these profits to the university which is placed in a special fund for the development of scientific and service activities of the university. The remaining 80% is to be distributed among those affliated with these bureaus and clinics pursuant to the text of article X of engineering advisory bureaus law No. 64, year 1979.

5. The President of the University may delegate some of his powers to the deans and to his assistants or to whom he deem appropriate.

University president office

University president office undertakes the responsibility to follow up the formal correspondence between the university headquarters and formal, informal institutions outside and inside Iraq

, as well as direct supervision on receiving guests and visitors of the university president and follow up instructions.


 Office missions

Organizing the works of the university president and supervising the works requirements, organizing visitor's procedures and determining university president schedule to meet visitors.


 Organizational structure

 -         University president  

-         University president bureau manager

-         Security unit

-         ID cards and e-mail unit

-         Archives unit

-         People affairs unit

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