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 Vice-President for Administrative Affairs


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Vice-President for Administrative Affairs Office

This Office is associated with the University President. It mainly gives legal, administrative and financial consultation to the President, and obtains its liability from the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Affairs as well as from the University President himself.

Administrative & Legal Liabilities:

1- Supervising the performance of all University Departments.

2- Shifting & swapping administrative cadre at the University.

3- Structuring the committees including investigation committees.

4- Granting 1 month paid leave, and 3 months unpaid leave.

5- Conducting field visits.

6- Heading employment committees.

7- Contacting Government Offices.

8- Following up Dormitories and providing the necessary requirements.

Financial Liabilities:

1- Setting University  budget draft. 

2- Approving surveys and the required extension periods.

3- Passing  stationary purchase orders.

4- Approving salary payment plus accumulated leave payment.

5- Granting staff encouragement bonuses.

6- Paying the allowances.

7- Performing financial transactions.

8- Paying loans. 


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