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 General Secretariat for Central Library

 Departments and units - The staff of Department

Historical overview: 

The central library founded in 1988 and was the beginning of simple included books and references and research of the university as well as some simple specialized groups and the number of books does not exceed 2,000 books, including books and periodicalthesis, references, sources and communications of the university. Today, the number of books to 80 thousand books. The library is seriously seeking to introduce new advanced services such as Internet service and upgrading the services provided by the Library and its collection, in order to meet the needs of the beneficiaries. The library aims to collect the books and references and documentation and the collection of variousinformation prints and electronic media, and arranged and organized to achieve the goals of the library.

The goals of the library:

The library seeks to achieve the following goals:

1. Support the curricula so as to enhance the scientific process of the university.

2. The provision of modern information for the university staff in order to take the most important scientific developments.

3. The supervision of the branch libraries of the faculties of the university and to contribute to its policy.

4. Cooperation with other libraries within and outside the province to provide services to users.

5. To provide the best information services and appropriate means.

6. To help students prepare their research and write their thesis and seminars, assigned in all subjects.

7. Provide information for teaching staff (professors) and students related to innovative research which would enrich human knowledge and capacities.

8. Make it a centre for the publication and distribution of research carried out by teachers, students and researchers.

Departments and units  

1. Department of Administrative Affairs:-

Is the task of the secretariat of the Central Library and the competence of personnel administration and accounts and administrative services, information and public relations units include the following:-

A. The public relations unit:-

The mission of this unit is limited to the definition of external and internal library activities during the meeting point of the central media Press TV/radio and coordination with them to cover the news library. The Unit is also in the celebration of national events and show the vanity features, as well as oversight and coordination unit, with all the seminars and conferences that are held within the library as well as the establishment of book fairs and coordination with the country and Arab publishing houses.


B. The administrative unit: one of the responsibilities of the unit:

-Management departments and units of the Library

- The management of the affairs of the Citizens

- The management of special accounts of the Library

- Archiving of administrative books.

- Follow-up of staff leave.

- Follow-up to the libraries of colleges and training of their staff.

C. The identities: one of the responsibilities of the unit:

- The issuance of identity cards.

- Renewal of identities.

- Check identities.

- Follow-up to the archives of identities.

2. Unit of technical procedures:

A. The supply unit: oneof the responsibilities of the unit:

- The development of the holdings of the library.

- Provide the library of all print and non-print materials.

- Cooperation with colleges to choose modern books before buying them from thepublishing houses.

- To provide the sub-libraries of books.

- Delivery of annual inventory of the contents of the library to the presidency of the university.

-  Follow-up to the latest versions and best-selling books in the world.

B.Exchange and donated unit:  The responsibilities of the unit:

- The development of the library of books donated.

- Exchange With Other university libraries of the sources.

-Evaluation of the donation of books and other materials that increase the need for the library to other university libraries.

C. A bindery and copy unit

The task of this unit to carry out a binding thesis,books, periodicals and serials for restoration of materials that need to be maintained, this unit is equipped with all the modern devices. 

3. Departmentof indexing:

The mission of this division to the classification and cataloguing of library materials received from the supply department. And are classified according to Dewey Decimal Classification System, the system used in most of the Iraqi libraries.It features cards that entrances to the titles of the books as set out in title pages printed.When using the indexes should note the following:

1. All of the cards are arranged alphabetically in the inclusion of indexes with note delete (the) Definition if received at the beginning of the card. 
2. No. the classification, of the most important elements of the card which indicate the location of the book on the shelves of the library. 
3. Note the symbol over the classification numbers which points to the departmentwhere this book is located.

Units include the following: -

A. The automatic indexing unit includes:

         - Indexing books and other library sources automatically.

         - The use of computers in the automatic indexing.

         - Index of books and references and other books with the latest global indexing methods.

B. Automated retrieval unit paper books

- Allows researchers to retrieve all library sources automatically.

-The ability to Quick Search according to a sophisticated computer system.

C. The indexing unit and rating: one of the duty of the unit as follows:

1.     Rating foreign books, according to their specialities

2.     Rating Arab books,according to their specialities

3.     Rating library books, according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System.


4. Digital library unit:

The world today is living through a massive and sudden revolution and rapid developments in information and communications technology and electronic publishing. These techniques have brought about radical changes in the circulation of information and the widening of the circle of these developments and the growing volume of electronic sources of information in various forms. The need for libraries and information centres to update their information and the development of its holdings and services. As well as the diversity of the needs of the researchers and for the wealth of information and varied in different parts of the world, a variety of modern trends haveemerged to cope with the information age and these trends and the emergence of electronic libraries containing the various sources of stored information retrieval systems. Therefore the e-library department is considered the modern department that the Secretariat,Central Library/ University of Anbarseeks to be developed to meet the needs of researchers and the beneficiaries, and includes the following units:

         A. The virtual library unit

        The responsibilities of the unit:

1.   Provide researchers all research published on the publishing housesin the world.

2.  Get the latest sources in all specialities.

3.  Registration of researchers in the Virtual Library


B. The laser discs unit includes:

1.  Rating all laser discs that are returned to the library in accordance with the terms of specialities.

2.  Copy of discs needed by the beneficiaries

3.  To provide the libraries with copies of the disc, this is found in the library.

C.The automated retrieval unit paper books

The automated retrieval module allows students, researchers, and teaching staffability toquick search according to the advanced(sophisticated) computer system according to the sources they need and dispensing the old card indexes.

1.  The introduction of books and paper sources that are returned to the library in the digital Library program.

2.  The introduction of digital dissertations and journals in the Digital Library Program

3.  Facilitate researchers easy search for all digital sources on the computer according to the program of digital libraries

4.  The researcher can take a copy of the digital source which it needs on a CD

5. Beneficiariesservices unit:The unit includes the following: -

A. Borrowing unit:

The mission of this unit is to facilitate the borrowing of all library materials for students, researchers and teaching staff. As well as the care and maintenance of publications and arrange publications in the correct places to make it easier for readers to review. And to help readers on the use of the indexing. The registration books, which frequently requests to provide copies of most of them.

B. The reference unit:

This is a very important and sensitive units in the library as it is the basis for the implementation of the resource requests from the readers and answer their questions and their wishes in the reading and research and give them direct information and the responsibilities of the unit, including:-

 1. Direct and guide the reader.

 2. Created and organization of library materials from the referencesunit.

3. Working directly with the readers and researchers and analyse their questions and helping them to search.

C. The periodicals unit:-

The concept of this unit is the publications issued regularly preparation time periods and intervals, consecutive parts under one title to carry each consecutive serial number. It is either a weekly or monthly or quarterly and include (newspapers, scientific journals and publications and reports  ...etc.). It is the duties of this unit help students, researchers and teaching staffto access the information they need.

The periodicals unit seeks to keep cope of the information and communication revolution in the modern world today to develop its services and sources of information it acquires, including electronic sources of information reflecting electronic journals available on CD-ROM or through the (Online) direct contact search system, and so on.

D.Dissertation and letters of university:

This unit includes (PhD theses) and (master's thesis) in Arabic and English, which are received from the faculties of the university of Anbar, and other Iraqi, Arab and other foreign universities and in various disciplines. The borrowing in this unit is internal only.


The staff of Department


The name


The name


Ahmed Abdullah Al Dakhil


Ammar Ebeid Mater


Emad Khodair Salman


Samir Abdul Rashid


Basim Ali Soliman


Abdul Khaliq Saleh Aziz


Ahmad Assad Mahmoud


Adel Ibrahim Khalifa


Mohamed Ahmed Khalf


Nahi Ahmed Oweid


Mohamed Sarhan Zeghan


Ahmed Hamed  Delaf


Ali Abdul Ghaffar


Majeed khalf Farhan


Mekdad zakir shamoot


Fouad Mohamed


Louai Ali Abd


Abdul Rahim Mashan


Mohammad abdul Allah sharmot


Qasim Suleiman khalf


Wajdi Thiab Ahmad


Sundos Hassan Ali


Mohammed Ashour Inad


Israa Faisal Jassam


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