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  Students Affairs and Registration Section


The section was founded on 1987, it was called students affairs section until 2009, its name was change according to Ministry instructions. The section is composed of 2 divisions with 3 units for each.

a-    Registration and documents division, composed of :

1-  Central and direct admission unit

a- Preparing receipt and guidance centre, method of filling application forms of central admission collages, sponsoring students applicants for direct admission according to Ministry instructions.

b- Receiving central admission lists from the Ministry and distributing with minimum level.

c- Checking admitted students documents though special committee to consider every case then to send to the university headquarters for discussion   at the university council.

d- Following up students objections, turning from upper to lower and amending nomination.

e-  Publishing university graduation orders on university website for all academic years since university foundation.

2-    Documents checking and approving unit:

The units undertakes checking and approving  documents issued by university collages then to be send to the Foreign Ministry though document approving unit official as well as sending graduation and high studies documents to the Foreign Ministry. The unit also undertakes checking university orders of graduates yearly for both first and second exams, it further follows up documents units of collages as well as collages authorized persons. The unit receives approving cost under documents unit forms to be delivered to the Foreign Ministry.

3-    Nomination amendments and transition unit:

The unit undertakes changing nomination of willing students to and from our university according to minimum average yearly and separate the changed students names at our university collages. The unit annually distributes transition instructions among Iraqi universities, overseas students and setting up profiles for overseas students.


b-   Student affairs division; consist of:

1- Checking unit: it is the most important unit at the university headquarter due to checking graduates documents of our university to all ministries where they maybe appointed the same applies on employees appointed in our university. The unit work extends to cultural attachés at Iraqi embassies as for university graduates working abroad and secondary school graduates abroad admitted in our university. The unit determines forgery and falsification that may occur in documents to inform general inspector office of the Ministry then to take legal necessary procedures in cooperation with they university legal affairs section.

2- Statistics and data unit:  it prepares statistics of admitted registered and exams participant's students, percentages, change admission students and transmitted students from and to the university. The unit prepares annul admission plan, 5-year plan and collages expansion matters follow up.

3- Preservation and archives unit: it follows up, preserves and archives the unit documents including official letters and Ministry instructions to be circulated over the university collages and sections.

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