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 Registration and Student Affairs Department

Profile of the Registration and Student Affairs Department

Student Affairs introduced the registration department, with the first stone building of University of Anbar in 1987 and was renamed the Department of Student Affairs until the year 2009, the name was changed according to the instructions of the ministry and the department consists of two divisions, entailing them three units for each division.


 Student Affairs and registration department

1. Registration and admission unit

·         Central admission unit

·         Amendment  the nomination and instruction unit

·         Direct admission unit

·         Statistics unit


2. Students affairs unit

·         The documentation and Ratification unit

·         Administrative unit

·         Transfer & equivalence certificate unit

·         Documentation and certifications unit


3. Evening studies

·         Admission and registration unit

·         Administrative unit

·         Documentation and certifications unit


The division of registration and documentation

consisting of:

1. The acceptance of direct acceptance of the Central Unit

A. The create of the center of receipt and guidance to guide students how to fill application forms to the faculties of the central admission and supervision of student applicants to accept direct admission according to the instructions issued by the ministry every year.

B. The receipt of the acceptance of the Ministry lists central distribution and minimum per year.

C- Audit of admitted students through the formation of an audit committee documents and handling of cases that may occur and submitted to the presidency of the university as a minute of the check for discussion within the University Council.

D. Follow-up to the objections of students and switching from the highest to the lowest and adjust their nomination. 

E. The standardization of university graduates commands and publish on the web site of the university's for all the years since the founding of the university.

2. Check the documentation and Ratification unit

This unit audit documents issued by the colleges of our university and certify them to be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the auditing unit official documents, as well as sending certificate and documents and follow-up studies in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These units also check the university orders for graduates for each year and for the first and second trial, as well as the follow-up of the units of the documents in the colleges as well as the authorized colleges and follow up and affix their seal. In addition to receiving the amounts of ratification by a special receipt from documentation unit and deliver them to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


3. Amend the nomination and transfer unit

This unit functions to modify the nomination of students who wish to amend their nomination from and to our university in accordance with the minimum standards for each academic year and counting the names of students who have been nominated according to colleges of our university. Furthermore, each year, the unit distributes the terms and conditions of transferring control between the Iraqi universities and the transport from outside Iraq and the opening of the files for students transferred from outside Iraq. 

B - The division of student affairs is composed of:

1. Authentication document unit:

The unit is the most important unit in the office of the University for having the functions of checking the validity of the documents of the graduates of our university to all ministries where the employment is made and appointed and follow-up transmitter and special documents. Furthermore, extends its work to include cooperation with the cultural attaches of the Iraqi embassies in respect of university graduates working outside Iraq and certificate holders the equation of secondary graduates from abroad and accepted in our university as well as to limit the cases of fraud and manipulation that occurs in the documents and to inform the Office of the general inspector of the ministry and take legal action in cooperation with the Legal Affairs of the presidency of the university.

2. The Statistics and Information unit:

The newly developed units in the department and prepare the statistic data for admitted students and who already admitted and registered and participants final examinations and success rates and students who have been nominated and transferred from the amendment and to the university and the implementation of the annual plan of admission, in addition to the five-year plan and follow-up of all his related to the continuing to colleges and university departments.

3. Conservation and Archiving unit: 

The follow-up to the preservation and archiving of the department and issuing official documents and educational publication concerning the instructions received from the ministry and circulating them to the faculties of the university and all its scientific departments.

The Powers of the Director

of Departemnt in the Presidency of the University:

 The Director exercise of the following powers for the conduct of the work in the Presidency of the University:

1. The distribution of tasks among the employees in the department to conduct the work.

2. Approval of granting the usual holidays that do not exceed 10 days and the ratification of the Sick leave.

3. To recommend approval of the usual holidays, sick leave, increased more than 10 days, in addition to the vacation holidays.

4. Supervision of the performance of the work in the follow-up of the activities of the employees.

5. The recommendation to impose a penalty on the negligence employers.

6. The Proposal to Send thanks and appreciation to the distinguished employers and creators.

7. The recommendation to grant allowances to the advancement and promotion of the degree to other employers in the department.

8. Recommendation recruitment, placement and dispensing with the services of any of the employees in the department in accordance with the laws and regulations.

9. The proposal to assign staff in the department to additional work outside official working hours within the laws and regulations of the organization.

10. Representation of the staff of department in the scientific and technical conferences and seminars within the scope of the disciplines of the department.

11. The distribution of tasks and responsibilities between the employees and help to develop the performance of the work and then improved within the specified.

12.  Recommendation the dispatch section of employees within the country and for a period not exceeding one week.

13. To recommend various allocations for all employees in the department.

14. Evaluation of the performance of the staff and submitting it to the relevant authorities.

15.The proposal of a temporary appointment of employees to fill shortage in staffing to ensure the speed of work.

16. To recommend approval of the installation of the staff of the department of their employment at the completion of the legal term required.

17. The recommendation to assign the employees of the department to one of its employees in cases of usual enjoying the holidays, sick and dispatch.

18. Any other powers conferred upon it by its responsible manager.


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