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  Financial Affairs Section

  The Section is Composed of Three Divisions:

1-  Current (planning) budget division

Headed by Miss Batool Raja Mukhlif

    The division undertakes whole current budget works including employee's compensations (salaries and all allowances), goods and service expenses and inventory related expenses. The division also receives sum incomes. All these activities are made on cash basis namely adoption of governmental accountancy to preserve public income. This shall be done according to definite plans and instructions.

The budget planning depends on the following indicators:

a-    Last year planning budget.

b-   Approved last year planning budget

c-   Actually achieved part of the budget within six months of current year.

The approved budget shall be executed though expenditure according to the budget chapters and items following the federal budget instructions that is annually adopted by the Ministry of Finance therefore not expenditure can be done without following:

1- An actual need for expenditure.

2- Getting sure of financial allocation before fulfilling any obligation or promise.

3- Obtaining formal approvals on expenditure according to financial authorization.


Section Objective

Current Budget Execution Aims to:

a-  Provision of goods, service requirements, inventory and overcoming all difficulties of collages and university headquarters sections for raising scientific standard of teachers and students through lectures, laboratory work, training courses and participation in conferences and seminars.

b-  Contribution to short and long term plan set up to ensure university objectives execution.

c-  Presenting reports to high authorities in order to take suitable decisions through figures that is call extra in administration.

d- Definition of deviation of plan after implementation to assist high authorities to take suitable procedures for correction.


2-    Investment budget division

Headed by Mr. Abdul Razzaq Rajab Dhyab

-    The division undertakes expenditure on projects according to Federal budget implementation authorization of the both ministries Finance and Planning, governmental contracts execution instructions No. 1 of 2008 and all amendments according to contracts general provisions in both civil and mechanical parts.

The Expenditure method of these projects adopts the same terms of current budget.


3-    Warehouses division

Head by Mr. Daham Kurdi Hammadi


-  The division undertakes warehouse receipt and delivery, preservation of stored items whether consumed or inventory the division also registers as scruple those items required by (collages, sections and employees) so as to preserve public income. The division also adopts warehouse receipt and delivery forms without exceeding official instructions.

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