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College of Engineering participate in the Third International Conference for Construction Engineering, in Egypt


College of Engineering  participate in the Third International Conference for Construction Engineering, in  Egypt

 In Egypt, the Third International Conference of Construction Engineering & Construction and Environment for the period from 23-25 October 2017, in the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt under the title: The 3rd International Conference on Buildings, Construction and Environmental Engineering, BCEE3-2017, Egypt. And the College of Engineering, University of Anbar, had the effective presence in the conference through invitation and submitted to it with the participation of five of its professors in the proceedings of the Conference, where he participated:

* Assistant Professor Dr. SADEQ ALIWI Suleiman Fahdawi, Head of Department of dams and water resources discussed patterns under the title:- Removal of Copper from Pollutant Solution by Olive Seeds: Modelling of Experimental Results using Artificial Neural Networks.

* Professor Dr. Abdel Qader Ismail al-Hadithi and Assistant Professor Dr. Adel Nahir al-Obeidi's from the dams and civil engineering departments, discussed patterns under the title: - The effects of adding waste plastic fibers on some properties of roller compacted articles top videos new videos random.

* Assistant Professor Dr. Thaer Shaker Mahmoud al-Hiti of the Department of Civil Engineering through the discussed patterns: the use of methods of physical rehabilitation and sheer convenience in Iraqi historical cities / Hit castle case study.

* Assistant lecturer Ibtihal Ahmed Mawlood Alani in the Department of dams and water resources Exploring Patterns: Assessment of Pollution of Oils and Grease in Water Quality of Tigris River-Iraq (2010-2016) by using GIS Mapping.

At the end of the proceedings of the Conference, the participants honoured discretionary certificates for their participation in the conference.

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