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UOA is the first among  Iraqi Universities, to   elect a member to be the representative of   the  faculty members,  at the University Council .

Under the patronage of Prof. Khalid Batal Al-Najim, University President, and the supervision of Prof. Mushtaq Talib Al-Neda, Vice president for Scientific affairs and Head of the Central Committee for Election Supervision, an election was held on Wed., 10/1/2018, at the five University Campuses to elect the faculty members representative at the University Council. A Committee was founded to supervise the election process, headed by Prof. Mushtaq Talib Al-Neda, University Vice President for Scientific Affarirs, and the membership of the Deans of: College Agriculture, College of Science, College of Law and Political Science, and  College of Physical Education. Voting lasted for 3 hours in five University Campuses:  Al-Ta’meem - Ramadi, Medical Group Colleges, College of Agriculture , College of Applied Science – Heet, and College of Basic Education – Haditha. 60% of the total faculty members at the University, voted for the election. Prof. Saied Nayif Turki Al-Rashid from the College of Education for Pure Science,  was elected to be the representative for the faculty members at the University Council.


PhD. Theoretical Physics

Faculty Members Representative at  University Council

Prof. Saeed Naif Turki Al Rashid



PhD. Islamic Science

College of Education for Women Council

Prof. Mohammad Salman Hassan




College of Education for Humanities Council




PhD. Civil Engineering

College of Engineering Council


Asst. Prof. Talal Hussein Fadhil



PhD. Biochemistry

College of Science Council


Asst. Prof. Khalid Farouq Abdul Ghafour



FIBMS. Ophthalmology


College of Medicine Council

Asst. Prof. Zeina Mohammad Al-Sabti



MSc. Oral Medicine

College of Dentistry Council

Asst. Inst. Raiedah Noori Hamid




 Crops Physiology

College of Agriculture Council


Prof. Bashir Hamed Abdullah




Public Administration

College of Administration & Economy Council


Asst. Prof. Atheer Anwer Sharif



 PhD. Arabic Language

College of Law & Political Science Council

 Inst.Adnan Meshaal Rasheed


PhD. Computer Science

College of Computer & Information Technology

Inst. Abdullah Mohammad Awad



PhD. Arabic Language – Modern  - Criticism / Arabic Rhetoric

College of Arts Council

Prof. Ayser Mohammad Fadhil



 PhD. Physical Education & Sport Science

College of Physical Education & Sport Science Council

Prof.Dr.Waad ABDL Raheem


PhD. Hadith 

College of Islamic Science Council


Prof. Idrees Asker Hassen



PhD. Hadith 


College of Education / Qa’im Council


Inst. Ziyad Fadhil Hmoud




Genetics / Molecular Biology

College of Education for Pure Science  Council

Asst. Prof. Samir Mishrif Khalaf




College of Pharmacy Council



PhD. Physical Geography / Hydrology

College of Basic Education/  Haditha Council


Prof. Mahmoud Ibrahim Mit’ib




College of Applied Science/ Heet Council




  Teaching-Staff Guide



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