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Anbar University Cheers Great Victory with a Central Festivity


Anbar University Cheers Great Victory with a Central Festivity

Anbar University Cheers Great Victory with a Central Festivity


In exaltation and rejoicing at the victories of our daring army and the final victory declaration, Anbar University held a central festivity on the grand hall of conferences on Wednesday, 13/12/2017, to celebrate the great and  hard-won  victory of liberating all Iraqi cities from the profanity of Da'esh criminal gangs. The festivity was attended by a number of the governorate top security commanders. The festivity was inaugurated with Iraqi national anthem, followed by a recitation of the Holy Quran and reading Fatiha Sura to the souls of the martyrs of Iraq. Anbar University president, Prof. Dr. Khalid Battal Al-Najem, then, delivered a speech in which he pointed out that this day is immortal in the history of Iraq due to the heroics and great and honorable sacrifices of our security forces  in the pursuit of liberating homeland from the terrorist gangs. It is a day that we have long awaited for the great victory. The Godless pack once more tried to blow out the light of the university but its men and sons refused to surrender, sacrificing  themselves so that the university academic process go ahead. Prof. Al-Najem called on all students of the university to celebrate this day, stressing, at the same time, the people's unity, holding together, and standing firmly with the security forces had a huge impact on defeating the bats of darkness and demolishing the state of superstition.

A number of students delivered poems on this occasion, singing the love of Iraq, the role of martyrs and their sacrifices for Iraq. A number of students  chanted a song titled "Hail to You" and staged an operetta titled " O Iraq" to express their love of Iraq and their defending it so it shall remain  the fort of resistance and the gate of victory. In the closing ceremony of the festivity  Anbar University president presented the shield of the university to the commander of Anbar operations, director of national security, director of civil defense, director of facilities protection, representative of Anbar police and popular mobilization commandship, deputy of Anbar governor, and the families of the martyrs  who defended the university.

It is worth mentioning that all the colleges of the universities witnessed huge jubilations included holding art galleries, poetic shows, and presents distribution to the families of the martyrs as a gesture of appreciation of their immortal sacrifices.



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