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University President Meets Lecturers Who University in Arbil


Prime Anbar University Prof. Dr. Mohammed al-Hamdani to meet with a number of the teaching staff of the Universities of Anbar, Fallujah who are in the province of Erbil on cultural and social center for the University of Salahaddin hall in Erbil has resulted in the meeting, announced the launch of several important topics related to what has been accomplished and aspiring university to accomplish and stages of this achievement in next time, the work of the university.

The most important of these themes that have been raised about the review of what has been accomplished in the last academic year 2013 - 2014 from the completion of the requirements for the students of the university to make the first two roles exams, second and take them in alternative positions, whether in the gray center or at the level of the other centers in Baghdad and Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, and this is what showed of which Mr. Rector thanked the faculty and administrative staff to those efforts by them to the success and completion of this work through the leadership role that they have done to overcome all odds to make these exams.

The review was completed and the proposed steps to start the school year in specified in Ramadi and Baghdad sites and discuss what has been working on it for obtaining approvals for the site of Erbil and what are the alternative routes in the event of failure to do so.

As Assistant Professor Aref Saleh al-Dulaimi, head of the University Assistant for Administrative Affairs, which in turn made many directions and notes on the themes that I mentioned in the above meeting was attended.

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