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The President of Anbar University visits the university's original site


The President of Anbar University visits the university's original site


The President of University of Anbar Scrutinized The Original Site


On this day, Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 which represents the day before three years from 2014, the anniversary of the world's terrorist act of desecration of the university of Anbar, the President of University of Anbar inspected the site in Ramadi.

At the beginning of the tour, he inspected the process of the final examinations for the academic year 2017/2016 for the various colleges and he draws attention to the need to create the best services and efforts to success. Furthermore, he inspected the departments of computer centre, information technology, reconstruction, maintenance and services in the  University Presidency.

Also, he indicated to the completion of the complete transition to the site of University in Ramadi to carry out their duties in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the campus.  
Later, he visited the bank building and the size of the destruction, indicating that the building will be rehabilitated as soon as the commencement of the bank and practicing its work in providing its services for the employees of University coincided with the full return to its original site.

Then, the inspection visit extended to College of Applied Sciences in district of hit and was welcomed by Dean of the College Professor Dr. Tahseen Ali Zaidan and the number of faculty members. They discussed many things, such as the college needs, arrange for final examinations, and providing the appropriate atmosphere for students.

Also, he inspected the dormitory for college students to know the service reality, who represent the Iraqi mosaic that college students from various provinces in Iraq. He listens to them on the constraints that they face, and he promised that the next will be best and sincere efforts to achieve the provision of all appropriate atmosphere conveniences and wishing them success in their scientific journey and to serve this our beloved Iraq.



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