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Master Theses in the College of Engineering


Master Theses in the College of Engineering

Student Safa Ahmed Ibrahim got a very good estimate for obtaining a master's degree in Civil Engineering - Water resources for his tagged ((height optimized for a series of small dams on the course of the Euphrates River) and consisted of the Committee discussion of Dr. Essam Mohamed Abdel-Hamid and Dr. Ammar Hatem full members and supervisors and the membership of Dr. Sadik Silverline Solomon and Dr. Hassan Ali Imran and Dr. Ayad crusader Mustafa .. and found the message to the existence of an optimum for a series of small dams with large reduce the evaporation losses and improve the Euphrates River water environment also reached to find scientific solutions to a series of dams on the Euphrates River, and take advantage of them agriculturally In store amounts of water can be utilized in the future .. The discussion was attended by Dr. Sam Hashem Khalil Associate Dean of the College of Engineering.

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