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 Water Wheels

Summary on Water wheels

Water wheels are Spread on the banks of the immortal River,Euphrates, which extends for (512) km within Al-Anbar province. They are stationed at (Haditha), (Heet), (Baghdadi),(Rawa) ,(old Ana) and (Al-Qaim), but most of these water wheels have been ceased to exist because of decline of water in the Euphrates River as a result of Al-Qadisiyah dam construction as well as other factors.
The citizens of Al-Anbar have insisted on returning the cultural heritage and preserve it, and (24) water wheels were really re-operated in Haditha by the land owners which these water wheels were located within their property, including the six wheels in Barwana area, and Al- shaghofa water wheel has been re-operated in (Heet). Another water wheel has been similarly re-operated which lies to the left of the castle, a third water wheel at Al-Turba area. The villagers were expected to re-operate those an damaged water wheels at Heet area.

    Al-Shaghofa in Heet is the largest water wheels which carries seven wheels that irrigates large areas when this water wheel was re-operated Heet area was revived, Heet citizens are proud of their history and heritage and seek to preserve.
Baghdadi is the famous tourist area in the province, which is characterized with beautiful of nature elements; palm forests, high mountains the magic of the eternal Euphrates and water wheels. Baghdadi remain a basic rest station between Baghdad and Syria for it is located on the middle of the road and for its tourist characteristics; luxurious restaurants and grilled fish…
In Rawa and Ana, the waters receding has led water wheels to be ceased to operate , so some citizens insisted to establish a in one of the main squares in the city a water wheel that a mechanical machine  brings water from a large basin up to the wheel  which re-drops the water down to the basin. While in Al-Qaim, water wheels re-operation was under discussion except some individual attempts of those enthusiastic citizens on heritage.

Difference with Aleppo water wheels

     Yassin Khalil Jebara one of  Haditha archaeologist, confirms  that Al-Anbar western area water wheels are different from those of Aleppo (Syria) since the later wheels are made from iron while the earlier are made of mulberry wood with 24 buckets which represents day hours. Several villagers share a water wheel and divide water quantities according to hours. In most cities of Al-Anbar, especially Haditha, there are water wheel manufacturers but they were largely affected with mulberry trees cultivation decline. and farmers less interest.

    The area people are proud of water wheels that have stories in their live, a Haditha citizen told on one of Al-Ramadi sheikhs who invited a friend sheikh of Aloos who is one of Haditha areas, to a dinner and as tradition he honored him with (12) persons to pour water for the guest to wash his hands …!. Later, the guest sheikh re-invited the earlier one  for a dinner and it return he called upon him to wash his hands on the water wheel…

A passion for the land and an inspiration for poets'

    Water wheel represents the lasting love and nostalgia of the land where poets flirt and describe them as scattered tears, and many other various names. Al-Juraa water wheel is the largest one in Haditha. Since Water wheel is made of berries wood, it sounds different, when rotate so  farmers may differentiate these sounds  and recognize  that a certain Water wheel operates Aleppo water wheels haven't such characteristic . One of the poets has described a water wheel saying..

Affection without compassion or love

Overflowing with tears like diffused necklace

I am longing if she longed and crying if she cried

We have no need of that act

And finally, How are the conditions of water wheels..? Citizens of the region answer us by saying ….

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