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Achieving pioneer ship in higher education and scientific research, innovation, creation and integration in academic sciences and research.



Distinction in academic sciences and research to achieve ISO requirements in an open environment on creation and sustainable improvement and to set bridges of communication with universities, institutions and research centers in order to realize the sustainable development.




The University Objectives:

1-    Offering experiences and consultancies and providing academic programmers and scientific specialties that meet development requirements, social needs according to modern social concepts.

2-    Realizing cooperation and interaction ties at regular levels to support creative and innovative activities so as to be an incubator for development contributions to achieve the modern state trends.

3-    Utilizing scientific research to serve development and labor market requirements in such away to ensure the national vision of reform and construction.

4-    Creating a positive academic environment that guarantees high quality education.

5-    Spreading knowledge and valuable scientific concepts and displines.

6-    Exchanging scientific and research experiences with scientific universities and institutions on local, Arab and international levels.

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