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 Hostel Department


The directorate of Hostel department


Profile of Hostel departments

In the year 1989/90, the first indicator to open the first hostel for students. Allocated building, which correspond to the central library in the city of Ramadi, as a hostel of female students, while the building, which correspond to the Islamic Bank, as Allocated hostel of male students, the total number of students (45) males and female.

The directorate took evolve gradually to accommodate the number of residential complexes for students (6) buildings inside the campus and the number of students over a (3000) students in the academic year 2010 - 2011 and were renting two buildings in Fallujah and two in Al-Qaim, since 1989, the alternation of the responsibility of the hostel 10 directors.


Objectives of Hostel   departments

1. The creation of buildings, housing for students.

2. The provision of adequate supplies of housing.

3. The creation of adequate services to students.

4. Foster a spirit of order and security in the hostel department.

5. Work on the non-sectarian fanaticism, nationalism and tribal.

6. Strive to create a spirit of love and cooperation between students.

7. Student router toward scientific diligence and perseverance.



Activities of the hostel department

1. Reception students of hostel at the beginning of each new academic year.

2. The issuance model identities for student’s hostel department.

3. The follow-up to the students in terms of behaviour, clothing and counselling in respect of contraventions and respect for the rules of procedure of the hostel departments.

4. The host some professors from different disciplines to be delivered lectures, scientific, educational, and social awareness.

5. Organize sports competitions for students in hostel departments.

6. Provide transportation vehicles for students from hostel departments at distant ccolleges.

7. The cultivation of gardens of hostel departments.

8. The ongoing maintenance of electrical equipment and the beds.

9. Maintenance of the electrical, water and sewage incorporations by electrical Ttechnicians.


The Powers of the Director of Departemnt in the Presidency of the University:

 The Director exercise of the following powers for the conduct of the work in the Presidency of the University:

1. The distribution of tasks among the employees in the department to conduct the work.

2. Approval of granting the usual holidays that do not exceed 10 days and the ratification of the Sick leave.

3. To recommend approval of the usual holidays, sick leave, increased more than 10 days, in addition to the vacation holidays.

4. Supervision of the performance of the work in the follow-up of the activities of the employees.

5. The recommendation to impose a penalty on the negligence employers.

6. The Proposal to Send thanks and appreciation to the distinguished employers and creators.

7. The recommendation to grant allowances to the advancement and promotion of the degree to other employers in the department.

8. Recommendation recruitment, placement and dispensing with the services of any of the employees in the department in accordance with the laws and regulations.

9. The proposal to assign staff in the department to additional work outside official working hours within the laws and regulations of the organization.

10. Representation of the staff of department in the scientific and technical conferences and seminars within the scope of the disciplines of the department.

11. The distribution of tasks and responsibilities between the employees and help to develop the performance of the work and then improved within the specified.

12.  Recommendation the dispatch section of employees within the country and for a period not exceeding one week.

13. To recommend various allocations for all employees in the department.

14. Evaluation of the performance of the staff and submitting it to the relevant authorities.

15.The proposal of a temporary appointment of employees to fill shortage in staffing to ensure the speed of work.

16. To recommend approval of the installation of the staff of the department of their employment at the completion of the legal term required.

17. The recommendation to assign the employees of the department to one of its employees in cases of usual enjoying the holidays, sick and dispatch.

18. Any other powers conferred upon it by its responsible manager.






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