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  Hostels Directorate



The first hostel was inaugurated on 1989-1990 where the building in front of central library at Ramadi city, was allocated as a female hostel while the building in front of Islamic bank was allocated at a male hostel, the total number of students was 45.

The directorate kept expanding gradually until having 6 buildings inside university with about 3000 students for the academic year 2010-2011, 2 buildings were rent at Falluja and 2 others at Qaim. Since 1989 the directorate was headed by 10 directors alternatively.


Hostel Directorate Objectives

1-    Preparing buildings for students housing.

2-    Provision of living requirements for students

3-    Presenting services for students

4-    Prevailing security in hostels

5-    Preventing sectarian, tribal and racial problems.

6-    Spreading cooperation and friendly spirit among students

7-    Urging students for scientific innovation and assiduity.


Hostel Directorate Activities

1-   Receiving hostels students on every academic year start.

2-   Issuing Identity cards for hostels student.

3- Following up students as for behavior and clothing, and instructing students to abide by hostels systems.

4-  Hosting professors with different specialties to deliver lectures on scientific, educational and social awareness.

5-  Organizing sport competitions for hostel students.

6-   Provision of transport for remote collages students.

7-   Planting hostels gardens.

8-   Maintenance of electric devices and beds.

9-   Maintenance of electricity and water networks.


Hostel Directorate Administrative Structure




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