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  Public Relations and Media Section


The section seeks to highlight university activities and to supervise the related activities through preparing programs of the university participation in national occasions, annual graduation festivals, organizing delegations visits and coordinating university receptions. The section conveys these activities through media where it published Al-kalima newspaper, Eshrakat Jamiya magazine, Affaq Marifia series and Suroh newspaper which is still published. The section has issued the a university guide for the first time, teachers boards guide, university achievements guide and university guide in English. It is to be noted that public relation and media was a unit and became a section on 2006. The section is composed of 2 divisions and 5 units.

C.V of Section Head


 Section Objectives

1- Coordination relations of among university sections.

2- Coordination relations between universities headquarter and collages.

3- Coordination relations between university and provincial institutions concerned.

4- Supervision on university symposiums and conferences.

5- Supervision on the section publications.

6- Supervision on university and collages festivals.

7- Documentation of university president visits and media activities.

8- Media connection with Iraqi university.

9- Provision of university with media activities.

10- Coordination with publishers and bookshops of Al-Anabar and other provinces to hold book fairs in scientific, humanitarian and literary fields to benefit students and professors.


 Administrative Structure

- Proposed divisions and units of public relations and media section:

1- Public relations division

a- Hospitality and protocol unit

b- Public relations unit

2- Media division

a- Newspaper publishing and follow up

b- Photography and Montage unit

c- Archives unit


 Section Activities

1- Media and website coverage of university seminars and festivals.

2- University activities filming and documentation to be an academic year recourse.

3-  Publishing folders on university, collages and section activities.

4-  Publishing university guide in Arabic and English, directories, and calendars every academic year to send them to governmental institutions in order to strengthen relations of the university with these institutions.

5-    Filming documentaries on university since establishment.

6-  It was  agreed with Al Anbar TV channel to shoot a program (Fi rehab al-Jamyiaa) which includes conducting meetings with deans and professors in order to clarify the activities performed by there colleges as well as conducting interviews with a number of heads of sections at the university presidency like reconstruction and projects, computer center and information technology sections.

7-    Documentation of the university president in and outside university.

8-  Sending university activities to Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to be publish in Al-Qabas magazine.

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