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  Cultural Relations Section


Cultural relations section was established since the university foundation in 1987.It is one of the university headquarters sections and it is cultural opening gate of the Al-Anbar University, toward other Iraqi, Arab and international universities .some scientific and cultural agreements were held with Arab and international universities in order to develop the university as a modern civilized  institution  , and to provide the new Iraq with advanced scientific experts and minds .

The section has organized a training program for professors and employees according to their specialties abroad, including Russia, America and Britain. The section also sent many undergraduates and post graduated students in scholarships and research fellowships to well-known universities all over the world. Cultural relations section is directly linked with the Assistant President for scientific Affairs.


C.V of section manager



Create a scientific and cultural communication with the world for the university progress to be equal to international universities.



The University is the mirror of the society every body should morally responsible for advancing the university and no one should avoid that responsibility.



1- Openness on Iraqi, Arab, and international universities to create scientific and cultural communication.
2- Sending students of master and doctorate degrees, in fellowships and scholarships to the international universities.

3- Encouraging staff participate in global scientific conferences with researches in order to establish relations with their counterparts in different countries.

4- Encouraging master and doctorate students to benefit from scientific research scholarships though full filling part of their researches in international universities.

5- Benefiting from workshops and training courses in different Arab and international universities to raise the staff scientific standards.

6- Concluding memorandum of understanding with Arab and international universities to facilitate obtaining scholarships and modern technology transfer.

7- Facilitating permission to well known universities though memorandum of understanding.

8- Encouraging professor and assistant professor staff a year time study in international universities to get permission.

9- Encouraging PhDs professors for post-doctoral to develop their scientific and research capabilities.

10- Hosting foreign professors.

11- Participation in rewards, competitions and conferences abroad.

12- Issuing validity and certificate evaluation.


Cultural Relations Section Duties

  * Holding cooperation and twinning agreements with international universities.
  * Maintaining links between Al-Anbar University and other universities through having  communications, exchanging of benefit and joining organizations and international scientific unions.
  * Sending students in fellowships abroad. 
  * Granting of scholarships outside Iraq.
  * Dispatching of faculty staff and students for training and scientific research.

  * Granting scientific full-time of professors abroad.
  * Granting of lending service of teachers outside Iraq.
  * Sending students in research scholarships.

Proposed Units for The of Cultural Relations Section

External Relations Unit / Unit Functions are:

1 - Follow-up agreements with Arab and foreign universities
2 - Dispatches
3 - Workshops
4 - Mutual visits and invitations with Arab and foreign universities.
5 - To provide delegates with folders and bulletins to acquaint Arab and international universities with Al-Anbar university standard.

Cultural Relations Section Held Memoranda of Understanding with Arab and Foreign Universities, as follows:

First: Arab Universities:
1 -   Aleppo University / Syrian Arab Republic
2 -   Damascus University / Syrian Arab Republic
3 -   Al-Baath University / Syrian Arab Republic
4 -   Al-Qalamoon University / Syrian Arab Republic
5 -   Arab Center for the Study of Arid Zones and Dry Lands / Syrian Arab Republic
6 -   Cairo University / Arab Republic of Egypt
7 -   Helwan University / Arab Republic of Egypt
8 -   Al-Isra University / Jordan
9 -   Sana'a University / Republic of Yemen
10 - Saba University / Republic of Yemen
11 - Science and Technology University / Republic of Yemen

Second: The Foreign Universities:
1 -   North Carolina University / United States of America
2 -   University Fresno / United States of America
3 -   New York University / United States of America
4 -   Pannonia University / Hungary
5 -   Volkakrad University / Russia
6 -   Varonish University / Russia
7 -   Energy and Researches Institute / Russia
8 -   Bankor University / United Kingdom
9 -   Nottingham University / United Kingdom
10 - Liverpool John Moore's University / United Kingdom


Cultural Relations Section Units
1 - Studies and overseas student's affairs unit which includes the following:
   * Scholarships
   * Fellowships
   * Private expenses and Study permissions

2 - Cultural Relations Unit which undertakes the following matters:

  * Dispatches
  * Agreements
  * Evaluation and certificate equivalence
  * Scientific and cultural consultations
  * Arab and international organizations
  * Translation, administrative affairs and e-mail correspondence.

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