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  Cultural Relations Department

Staff The Department - The Duties - Sections Of The DepartmentMemorandums of Understanding

About  The Department

The Department of scholarships & cultural relations was founded with the university foundation in 1987 as one of the departments of the University Presidency. It represents the opening cultural gate foruniversity of Anbar towards the universities inside the country, the Arab and international universities. Several cultural and scientific agreements have been held with some Arab and international universities to contribute in developing the university as a scientific and cultural institution, in order to provide Iraq with experts and advanced scientific minds. The department organized a special schedule for training and sending many professors and staff for training in different specializations to many countries in the world including Russia, United States of America and United Kingdom. Also, the department involved in delegating many undergraduate and postgraduate students in scholarships and fellowships to prestigious universities around the world. Finally, it is directly associated with the university assistant president for scientific affair’s office.


The Vision

Scholarships & cultural relations department aims to create scientific and cultural connection with the world. This will promote the university and rank it in a suitable place within the world universities’ ranks.

 The Message

The university is the vision for the society’s future. The university advancement is a moral responsibility for every member of the society. No one has an excuse to fail in holding the burden for that responsibility.

 The Objectives

1 –Opening horizons towardIraqi, Arab and world universities, in order to creation a certain form of scientific and cultural communication with them.

2 - Attempting to send the largest number of post-graduate students in scholarships, fellowships and study leaves to international universities, especially those that have a privileged position within the international classification for the purpose of using the capabilities in themto graduate an efficient staff which contributes in the development of the university and raise its scientific level.

3 - Encouraging teaching staff to contribute in the international scientific conferences withtheir researches and articles in order to develop constructive relationships with their counterparts in different countries.

4 - Encouraging master's and doctorate students in Iraq to take the advantages of the opportunities of research delegations and completingsome parts of their projects in international universities, which award their researchesa scientific validity. Also, the department helps them in obtainingstudying offers from those universities.

5 - Utilization of workshops and courses held in different Arab and foreign universities and various disciplines, especially the scientific ones to develop the efficiency of teaching  and employing staffs of the University.

6 - Holding Memorandums of Understanding with Arab and international universities to facilitate access of study and research opportunities and the transfer of modern technology in various fields.

7 - Facilitate the process of awarding offers from foreign universities for students who have been awarded scholarships or studying leaves through the memorandums of understanding held between our university and those universities.

8 - Encouraging teaching staff of the rank assistant professor and professor for one year scientific leaves in the international universities and facilitatingtheir offers in those universities.

9- Encouraging PhD holders to pursue their post-doctoral studies in order to develop their scientific and research potentiality.

10 - Hosting professors from abroad.

11. Participation in prizes, competitions and conferences outside of Iraq.

12. Verificationand assessment of international certificates.



 Staff of the Department




Scientific Rank




Ammar Hatem Kamel Ahmed Alany



Assistant Professor


Water Resources Engineering



Bilal Khaled Khalaf Zidan




Assistant teacher

Translation Studies



Faisal Ghazi HamoudAftan


Assistant teacher

Mathematics Science



Salah Aldeen Abdel Khalaf Idan






Arabic Language



Rahim Jabouri Makhlaf Dhahi






Translation science




Abeer Talal Faisal Al-Ani






Computer Science




Maha Mustafa Rashid Al-Ani




Assistant programmer


Computer Science




Haya Ibrahim Hussein Al-Obeidi




Assistant Translator






The Duties

- Holding cooperation and twinning memos of understanding with Arab &international universities.

- Maintaining the link between university ofAnbar and other universities through communication, mutual benefit and joining the international scientific organizations and unions.

- Sending students abroad in fellowships.

- Granting study leaves outside Iraq.

- Delegatinguniversity teaching staff, employees and students for training and scientific research.

- Granting the scientific full-time leave to professors outside Iraq.

- Sending students in study and research delegations.

- Loan the services of professors from and to other universities.

 Sections Of The Department

1- Studies and Abroad Students Affairs Division. This is responsible for the following:

-Unit ofScholarships.

- Unit of Fellowships and Grants.

- Unit ofSelf-funding studies and study leaves.

2. Cultural Relations Division. This is responsible for the following:

- Unit ofDelegations.

- Unit of Agreements.

- Unit ofRatification and certificates’ assessment.

-Unit of Scientific and cultural consultations.

- Unit of International and Arab organizations.

- Unit of Translation, administrative affairs and e-mail correspondence.


Agreements Memorandums of Understanding

Scholarships and cultural relations department held memorandums of understanding with a number of Arab and foreign universities stating as follows:

  First: Arab Universities:

1- University of Aleppo / Republic of Syria

2- University of Damascus / Republic of Syria

3- Al-Baath University / Republic of Syria

4- University of Kalamoun / Republic of Syria

5. Arab Center for the Study of Arid Zones and Dry Lands / Republic of Syria

6- Cairo University / Republic of Egypt

7- Helwan University / Republic of Egypt

8- Al-Isra University / Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

9- Sana'a University / Republic of Yemen

10 - University of Saba / Republic of Yemen

11. University of Science and Technology / Republic of Yemen

  Second: Foreign universities:

1- University of North Carolina / United States of America

2 - University of Fresno / United States of America

3. New York University / United States of America

4. University of Pannonia / Hungary

5 - University of Foul grad / Russia

6 - University of Varonish / Russia

7. Energy and Research Institute / Russia

8. University of Bangor / United Kingdom

9. University of Nottingham / United Kingdom

10.University of Liverpool John Morse / United Kingdom.

The Powers of the Director

of Departemnt in the Presidency of the University:


The Director exercise of the following powers for the conduct of the work in the Presidency of the University:

1. The distribution of tasks among the employees in the department to conduct the work.

2. Approval of granting the usual holidays that do not exceed 10 days and the ratification of the Sick leave.

3. To recommend approval of the usual holidays, sick leave, increased more than 10 days, in addition to the vacation holidays.

4. Supervision of the performance of the work in the follow-up of the activities of the employees.

5. The recommendation to impose a penalty on the negligence employers.

6. The Proposal to Send thanks and appreciation to the distinguished employers and creators.

7. The recommendation to grant allowances to the advancement and promotion of the degree to other employers in the department.

8. Recommendation recruitment, placement and dispensing with the services of any of the employees in the department in accordance with the laws and regulations.

9. The proposal to assign staff in the department to additional work outside official working hours within the laws and regulations of the organization.

10. Representation of the staff of department in the scientific and technical conferences and seminars within the scope of the disciplines of the department.

11. The distribution of tasks and responsibilities between the employees and help to develop the performance of the work and then improved within the specified.

12.  Recommendation the dispatch section of employees within the country and for a period not exceeding one week.

13. To recommend various allocations for all employees in the department.

14. Evaluation of the performance of the staff and submitting it to the relevant authorities.

15.The proposal of a temporary appointment of employees to fill shortage in staffing to ensure the speed of work.

16. To recommend approval of the installation of the staff of the department of their employment at the completion of the legal term required.

17. The recommendation to assign the employees of the department to one of its employees in cases of usual enjoying the holidays, sick and dispatch.

18. Any other powers conferred upon it by its responsible manager.


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