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 Planning and follow up Department

About the department

The department of planning and follow-up was formed in 1993 .


“ Planning is the basis of success and follow-up is the basis of excellence”


1. The department seeks to provide  studies on the developments of colleges, departments,  research centers and units at the level of the university.

2. The planning ahead of each work related to the university in accordance  with time and scientific progress to reach academic accreditation in coordination with the department of quality  assurance.


3. The provision of accurate information in the database of all university employees and is updated periodically.


4. Evaluate the university course of action through the preparation of quarterly and annual reports of the university statistics and the quarterly report and the preparation of annual reports, quarterly to address the gaps and make proposals to University of Anbar.


1. Develop a strategic plan for University of Anbar for the next 10 years.

2. It seeks to develop a comprehensive plan for development at the college level, research centers, advisory offices and departments  according to the need of the university and the 10-year plan adopted by the university.

3. Building a database of university employees from both faculty members and staff.

4. Preparing periodic booklets to prepare faculty members and staff  who are distributed by faculties according to the scientific title, sex and certificate.

5. Issuing an annual statistical handbook for University of Anbar.

6. Issuing a guide of achievements and activities of University of Anbar.

7. Preparation and development of the organizational structure of the university, research centers, and according to colleges controls.

8. Follow-up plans that are employed by colleges and scientific departments in the university.

The achievements of the department

The University organizational structure has been completed and approved by the Ministry

1. The College of Pharmacy was established in the academic year 2011-2012.

3. Development of Renewable Energy Center at the University of Anbar.

4. Development of the strategic studies centers in 2013.

5. The introduction of the Faculty of Applied Sciences in the district of Hit in 2014.

6. Creation of the Faculty of sustainable Engineering in the district of Haditha in 2015.

7. It was ratified by the Ministry on the structure of the department of planning and follow-up by the statistical and follow-up units.


8. The following has been accomplished:.

A. A database for the university, which include university statistics and all the work of the university in terms of scientific, cultural and administrative activities as well as the projects related to the university.

B. The completion of the report on the operation of the labor force.

C. Completion of the quarterly activity report, which relates to the sections (administrative, legal, scientific, students, engineering and technical).

D. Completion of the organizational structure of the department.


 The Powers of the Director

of Departemnt in the Presidency of the University:

 The Director exercise of the following powers for the conduct of the work in the Presidency of the University:

1. The distribution of tasks among the employees in the department to conduct the work.

2. Approval of granting the usual holidays that do not exceed 10 days and the ratification of the Sick leave.

3. To recommend approval of the usual holidays, sick leave, increased more than 10 days, in addition to the vacation holidays.

4. Supervision of the performance of the work in the follow-up of the activities of the employees.

5. The recommendation to impose a penalty on the negligence employers.

6. The Proposal to Send thanks and appreciation to the distinguished employers and creators.

7. The recommendation to grant allowances to the advancement and promotion of the degree to other employers in the department.

8. Recommendation recruitment, placement and dispensing with the services of any of the employees in the department in accordance with the laws and regulations.

9. The proposal to assign staff in the department to additional work outside official working hours within the laws and regulations of the organization.

10. Representation of the staff of department in the scientific and technical conferences and seminars within the scope of the disciplines of the department.

11. The distribution of tasks and responsibilities between the employees and help to develop the performance of the work and then improved within the specified.

12.  Recommendation the dispatch section of employees within the country and for a period not exceeding one week.

13. To recommend various allocations for all employees in the department.

14. Evaluation of the performance of the staff and submitting it to the relevant authorities.

15.The proposal of a temporary appointment of employees to fill shortage in staffing to ensure the speed of work.

16. To recommend approval of the installation of the staff of the department of their employment at the completion of the legal term required.

17. The recommendation to assign the employees of the department to one of its employees in cases of usual enjoying the holidays, sick and dispatch.

18. Any other powers conferred upon it by its responsible manager.


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