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 Scientific Affairs Department


Department of Scientific Affairs


It includes the following units:

1. The Scientific Affairs Unit.

2. The Unit of Scientific Research.


The Department is linked to the Assistant President of the University of Anbar for Scientific Affairs.


The responsibilities of the department

1. The preparation of the scientific plans of the conferences, seminars  and workshops for each of the  pedagogical plans of colleges and research centers and follow up their implementation.

2. Follow-up and supervision of the implementation of the plan of scientific research in the university and research completed and published planned according to the system adopted.

3. Follow-up and supervision of the research units of the university and the implementation of the annual evaluation plans.

4. Follow-up of the periodic classification of Scientific Journals of the University, and the level of the conditions and criteria for the issuance of the Scientific Journals.

5. Supervising the process of controlling the circulation of chemical and biological materials in the faculties of the university.

6. Follow-up to the completion of the entrepreneurship researches contracted with the Ministry and private teaching University for Scientific Research assignments, research projects of medicinal plants and herbal medicine.

7. Follow-up with the development of research units and contents (physical and human resources) and obtaining their fundamentalist approvals to develop them.

8. The preparation of plans for the development of the processing requirements of existing laboratories of the university and follow-up to the receipt of the devices within the infrastructure program and coordination between the colleges and centers of the university and the Ministry.

9. Follow-up to part-time work scientific research purposes (inside Iraq) as well as the follow-up to be spared to deliver lectures.

10. Follow-up mechanisms for cooperation and joint actions periodically.

11. Follow-up to the activities of faculty members who were given the title (Professor) and the preparation of study of evaluation in term of the regulation for the granting the title.

12. Nomination of University employees and staff for conferences and scientific panels.

13. Supervising the preparation of the annual report of the summer training at the university.

14. Follow-up the assignments of teaching staff to prepare and authored textbooks and assistance, projects, books, the patents.

15. Follow-up to the modernization and development of the curricula of disciplines in the faculties of the university.

16. Follow-up with the program of development of teaching staff for the dispatch of teaching staff outside Iraq for one month.

17. Follow-up to the work of the advisory offices regularly audit and the preparation of an annual report in coordination with department control and internal audit and presented to the University Council, and the dispatch of the special system of the base of the Advisory Offices annually to the ministry according to their request.





  The Staff of the Scientific Affairs Department





Assist. Prof. Dr.  Qutaiba Farhan Dawood



Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdul Jabbar Suleiman

An official of the central laboratory


Dr. Faiz Tahsein fadel

An official of the unit of Scientific Research


Dr. Najib Mohammad Hussein

Teaching Staff


Assist. Lec. Hamid Abd Dakhil

Teaching Staff


Assist. Lec. Maan Erthiaa Abd

Teaching Staff


Mazen Samir Habib



Mohamed Ibrahim



Abdul Rahman Amer Aboud



Haidar Shaker Mahmoud



Saad Ali Mahmoud



Farhan Abd Harbi

Associate programme


Noor Hamid Hanush

Associate Biologist


Omar Salah Nweran

Assistant Translator


 The Powers of the Director of Departemnt in the Presidency of the University:

 The Director exercise of the following powers for the conduct of the work in the Presidency of the University:

1. The distribution of tasks among the employees in the department to conduct the work.

2. Approval of granting the usual holidays that do not exceed 10 days and the ratification of the Sick leave.

3. To recommend approval of the usual holidays, sick leave, increased more than 10 days, in addition to the vacation holidays.

4. Supervision of the performance of the work in the follow-up of the activities of the employees.

5. The recommendation to impose a penalty on the negligence employers.

6. The Proposal to Send thanks and appreciation to the distinguished employers and creators.

7. The recommendation to grant allowances to the advancement and promotion of the degree to other employers in the department.

8. Recommendation recruitment, placement and dispensing with the services of any of the employees in the department in accordance with the laws and regulations.

9. The proposal to assign staff in the department to additional work outside official working hours within the laws and regulations of the organization.

10. Representation of the staff of department in the scientific and technical conferences and seminars within the scope of the disciplines of the department.

11. The distribution of tasks and responsibilities between the employees and help to develop the performance of the work and then improved within the specified.

12.  Recommendation the dispatch section of employees within the country and for a period not exceeding one week.

13. To recommend various allocations for all employees in the department.

14. Evaluation of the performance of the staff and submitting it to the relevant authorities.

15.The proposal of a temporary appointment of employees to fill shortage in staffing to ensure the speed of work.

16. To recommend approval of the installation of the staff of the department of their employment at the completion of the legal term required.

17. The recommendation to assign the employees of the department to one of its employees in cases of usual enjoying the holidays, sick and dispatch.

18. Any other powers conferred upon it by its responsible manager.



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