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 A word By The President

 On my behalf and on the behalf of the UOA, I hereby welcome you all on the University website, which is  the gate to locate the Colleges and the Research Centres at the University.  Persistent development of  the standard of  education eminence and scientific research, is the principle objective of the University, to facilitate   graduates able to compete in the local professional market through intensive training and academic programs  to promote their  skills and proficiency.  Moreover to enhance the scientific research by encouraging  the Faculty Members to carry out practical studies and researches published in international and local Journals , which will help promoting the academic standard of the University.

The UOA tries always to create the academic environment to promote innovation through competency  and the  provision of  all the facilities required for the  research in the scientific and humanities disciplines. This will help to enhance the academic standard of the University on the international level.  
It’s my privilege to  welcome you all once again,  to visit the University site and find out more about the University and the available scientific research opportunities.
Prof. Khalid Batal Al-Najim
President of the University

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