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 Presidency Sections

University Secretariat Section

 It’s linked administratively and technically to the president of the university. The secretary of the university council is accountable only to him. He also carries out the duties assigned by the president of the university in addition to his duties by providing consultations, studies and opinions on the various affairs.

1. Secretariat Council unit.
2. Colleges Councils unit.
The secretariat council of the university undertakes the following tasks:
1. Issue decisions and directives with the relevant authorities.
2. Preparing the minutes of the university council and submitting them to the body of opinion of the University for Approval.
3. Implementation of  the directives of the opinion body.
4. Review the minutes of the college councils and document them according to the powers and duties, and submit them to the president of the University for Approval.
5. Follow-up the colleges and departments of the presidency of the university in the implementation of decisions of the university council.


Government Contracts Section


The government contracts section comprises the following units:
1. Follow-up unit.
2. Contracting unit.
3. Archive unit.
4. Import unit.
5. Legal unit.

The government contracts unit is linked directly to the president of the university and is managed by a staff member who holds a Bachelor's degree of law at least, and undertakes the following duties:

1. Follow-up the work of the section employees and supervising the conduct of administrative correspondence concerning its work and preparation of its own proceedings, and registering its own correspondence in a specialized entry record

2. Preparing the documents of tenders for the university and verifying the extent to which they meet the required legal conditions and announce them in accordance with the law.

3. Conducting public auctions on the sale, lease, exploitation or use of the property belonging to the university in accordance with the in power  law of state holdings sale and lease

4. Studying the preliminaries of the projects related to the university and verifying their fulfillment of legal requirements and the degree of compliance with the conditions and requirements stipulated by the regulations, instructions and laws in power.
5. Follow-up the property of the university and remove encroachments in coordination with other relevant state offices.
6. Coordinating with the legal affairs department and reconstruction and projects department to protect the funds of the university and defending its rights in courts and other offices.


Citizens Affairs Section

The section comprise the following units:
1. Citizens' complaints unit.
2. Electronic citizen's government unit.


The section is linked to the president of the university and undertakes the following duties:
1. Reception of academics, employees, students and citizens from outside the university who want to meet   the president of the university or the assistants.
2. Register down  the name and address of the interviewer and the subject of the interview, according to the interview form prepared for this purpose.
3. Scheduling interviews and meeting with the president of the university or the assistants of the president of the university for the purpose of solving the problems they according to the regulations and instructions in power.

4. Following up the requests for interviews after being referred by the president of the university or the assistants to the relevant authorities for the purpose of completing the interviews and informing their relatives about the procedures.
5. Following up the paper works of wounded and martyrs of the popular mobilization of the university professors and staff for the purpose of completion with the concerned authorities.
6. Send a weekly briefing on interviews and measures taken  to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research  in accordance with the ministry instructions.


Qalification, Employment and Follow-up Section

The Qualification, employment and follow-up section comprises the following units:
1. Development of students  skills unit.
2. Employment Unit and follow-up of graduates.


The Qualification, Employment and Follow-up section is linked to the vice-president for Scientific Affairs and undertakes the following duties:
1. Training and qualifying  students with additional skills for the purpose of integrating them into the job market by setting up training workshops related to their field of specialization.
2. Coordinating with employers to create employments and training opportunities for students during the summer vacation to enable them to acquire additional skills, and to practice what they studied in their academic departments.
3. Coordination and preparation of job fairs in cooperation with private and governmental companies for the purpose of linking the graduates with these companies.

4. Assistance of graduates to find suitable jobs by contacting private and government companies in the light of the training they received in the section  

5. Following up graduates  after employment to identify the points of strength and weakness in their performance and to submit reports regularly to their colleges for the amendment of the curricula to meet the requirements of job market.
6. Counting  the numbers of graduates  and prepare a database of their names and specialization, choose a day in the year to meet and counsel with them and find out the number of those employed and their scientific and professional achieveents..

7. Identify a day in the year to communicate and meet with them and know the numbers of those who have employment as well as their scientific and professional achievements.


Scientific Products Marketing section

It’s linked directly to the assistant of the university president for Scientific Affairs and undertakes the following duties:
1. Establishing a link with scientific deans in scientific colleges and journals.
2. Search for opportunities to apply distinguished research in practice.
3. Protection of the rights of researchers and taking legal measures against those who violate these rights.

4. Be a reference for the university on applied research and patents.


Follow-up Section:

 The Follow-up section comprises the following units:

1. Administrative unit.

2. Mobile follow-up unit.

3. Unit of off-campus colleges


 The section is linked to the president of the university and undertakes the following duties:

1. The responsibility of providing protection to the university and its affiliated colleges.

2. Supervising all the information desks in the university.

3. Securing students gates to the university and colleges.

4. Coordination with the security force of the university.

5. Protection of conferences and symposiums held in the university and colleges.

6. Provide night watch for the university and all colleges.


Investment Section

 It is linked to the president of the university and undertakes the duty of promoting and maximizing the University's resources and assets for the purpose of optimal investment in order to achieve an increase in output and revenues.



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