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Summery on the University

Al-Anbar University was established on 1987 according to resolution No. 951 on December 23, 1987 in order to expand higher education sector in Iraq. The University celebrates annually its foundation day, the University and its faculties accustomed to hold different scientific, cultural and sport activities, show decoration aspects and commemorate the innovative and distinguished personnel of the University. The University foundation aims to establish a civilized scientific Forum that contributes to prepare a specialized scientific staff to play their active role in building and developing modern Iraqi renaissance and to provide education opportunities for Iraqis who will take their leading role in the society then to prepare futures generation for better living standard.

On foundation, the University had comprised two faculties (education, female education) then the University expanded to have (16) facilities on 2006-2007 with different scientific sections.

The University Headquarters: Al-Anbar province-Ramadi city-Republic of Iraq

P.O.Box: 55431 Baghdad-Iraq

Fax: 8178849


Telephone: 8864814-5433813

Year of foundation: 1987-1408 Hijri

University affiliation:  Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

University study system: Annual-Seasonal

University teaching language: Arabic+English

Scientific degree granted by the University: Bachelor, High diploma, Master and Doctorate

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