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Founded in 1987 (1408 A.H) by resolution 951 in 23/12/1987, the University of Anbar was conceived as an expansion of higher education in Iraq. The university annually marks this date as its anniversary, celebrating it by conducting various scientific, artistic, and athletic activities, highlights decorations and festivities, and awarding its creative and distinguished affiliates.

Upon its foundation, the university was conceived as a scientific and cultural monument which help create a qualified scientific cadre that actively participate in the inception and development of modern Iraq revival. The university also seeks to provide the citizen with due opportunities of education to empower his/her leading role in the society and the preparation of sustainable future generation.

The university started with two colleges: college of education and college of education for women. It expanded to comprise 18 colleges with various departments and specializations in 2014


University Address: Anbar governorate-Ramadi-Republic of Iraq

Postal Address: P.O.Box: 55431 Baghdad, 55 Ramadi

Fax: 8178849


Telephones: 421119 & 424878

Year of foundation: 1987 A.D / 1408 A.H

University affiliation:  Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Academic Credit System: Course /Semester Credit Hours

Language of instruction: Arabic & English

Academic Degrees awarded by the university: Bachelor's degree, High diploma, Master's  and Doctoral degree












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